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Adirondack Grouse and Woodcock Hunting as well as fly fishing trips with ADK Outdoors. Finding guides in NY is no easy task, but look no further. We are the premier upland guide service in the state of New York. Furthermore we offer dynamic fly fishing trips and provide a booking service for several destinations around the state. In other words, we cut out the guesswork for you in regard to which guides you should hire. At ADK outdoors we know these guides and have fished or hunted with them many times. Let us do the work for you and set up your trip with a proven guide.

ADK Outdoors is the premier upland guide service for wild birds in the state of New York. Grouse and Woodcock hunting on private managed forest in the Adirondacks is our specialty. In all of our years we are able to boast flush counts to rival those of any operation in the northeast. We hunt over close working pointing dogs in private parties only in some of the best covers the northeast has to offer,

We offer the premier upland guide service for Adirondack Grouse and Woodcock hunting. Grouse hunting in NY can be a daunting task because of the sheer amount of space. Our team of seasoned guides will take you on a memorable hunting journey that you will remember forever. We are certain you will have a good time on your hunting or fishing trip with ADK Outdoors.

ADK Outdoors works exclusively with top notch guides from around the northeast. ADK Outdoors remains a premier guide service in the Northern Adirondacks. Our team of hunting guides are also full time fly fishing guides.

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Our staff makes sure that you are headed in the right direction with the best flies and the proper rigging. Our goal is to increase your confidence, self-reliance, and success on the water so your experience exceeds your expectation.

The mouth of the Niagara River offers some of the best hunting for Old Squaws and White Wing Scoters anywhere in the United States. The hunting only gets better in the late season which opens on Dec 26th running thru Jan 10th. You’ve Never Seen Duck Shooting this Good. The Niagara Bar is the wintering area for thousands of Long-Tailed ducks, formerly known as Old Squaws, as well as White-Winged ScotersOld Squaws are one of the most sought after ducks around. A beautiful dark brown and white Arctic duck that makes a great mount.


Our Guide Services

The shoreline of Lake Ontario in western New York offer some of the best sea duck hunting for Long Tail ducks in the northeast. Formerly known as “oldsquaws” these ducks provide some of the finest wing shooting you can wish for. Fast flying, easily decoyed and beautiful, every duck hunting connoisseur should pursue these birds at least once in their life. ADK Outfitters works closely with one of the most proven guide services in the state for this lofty duck…

Steelhead, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Walleyes, King Salmon, Trophy Smallmouth Bass, are all plentiful in the Niagara River. We drift fish the Niagara out of deep V aluminum boats, Yamaha outboards and electric trolling motors for controlling the drift. Bottom bouncing fresh eggs and egg imitations or live bait on light tackle is an extremely effective technique providing plenty of hits and hook ups.

Our Guide Services

Captain John V. DeLorenzo has been running charters full time on the Niagara River Lake Ontario and Lake Erie for over 25 years. His guide service has been featured on National TV with Babe Winkelman, Orlando Wilson, and Bob McGuire. He has also appeared in virtually every outdoor magazine including Outdoor life, Sports Afield, In Fisherman, and Field and Stream. His guides are all carefully chosen and are US coast guard licensed and inspected, and are fully insured.

To begin with, if we don’t use it or love it, we don’t sell it. For that reason, if you can find it in our store it’s a product that makes us feel comfortable accepting your money. To be sure, you will not find a product on our site that has not been in use by one of our Adirondack Grouse and Woodcock hunting or fly fishing guides.

Firstly, we try to bring you relevant content from our sport. Secondly we do our best to provide you will entertaining stories from our world. Lastly, you can find reviews and endorsements for the products we use, sell or of equal importance, love. 

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