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2020 Grouse Hunting Outlook

Things are looking up this year for our grouse populations. I have a unique practice amongst professional bird hunters in that I leave my areas alone completely until September. This is in order to leave the areas I hunt with you in the best shape possible. I monitor populations through observation only which is fairly easy to do since I live where I hunt.

This year I am seeing very good signs. Young of the year birds seem to be plentiful, I have heard a lot of drumming this year and the spring drumming count survey shows that the drumming rate was up pretty good compare to last year.

2020 Woodcock Hunting Outlook

The woodcock season is looking like it’s going to be a good one. It seems like there are woodcock all over the place right now so if our resident population is any indication of what the numbers during fall migration will be, I am expecting big things this fall. I have woodcock all over my property to include all around the fringes of my manicured and very busy lawn, this is unusual for me this time of year and I have run into them almost everywhere I take the dogs on runs.

Bird Hunting woodcock

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