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Turkey Hunting on Long Island!

Its no secret that we are what you could call " Turkey Enthusiasts" at ADK Outdoors. That's putting it lightly, so we were more than happy to see the latest press release from the DEC about the Long Island turkey hunt. To quote the DEC. "DEC is excited to give Long Island hunters an additional local turkey hunting opportunity," said Cathy Haas, DEC Regional Director. "Not only does this new season give more opportunities to local hunters, it also serves as an example of how locally extirpated populations can be successfully reintroduced and flourish. Both the fall and new spring......

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Stand up Against Prop A600

  A NYC assemblywoman just released a potentially harmful bill during regular sessions of the NY State Assembly. This bill would prohibit the state’s participation in artificial pheasant propagation activities. Rosenthal has a long history of attacking sportsman, and she isn’t going to give up anytime soon. Interestingly when you look at the legislation she’s been...

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