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Moose Hunting in VT again?

NEWS RELEASE FROM WCAX BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Vermont Fish and Wildlife wants to issue dozens of moose hunting permits in the Northeast Kingdom in an effort to improve the health of the herd in the area. Wildlife officials proposed issuing 180 moose hunting permits in a special district in the Northeastern corner of the state, where winter ticks are negatively impacting moose health and survival. They say reducing the number of moose would cut the abundance and impact of the ticks. A study found chronic high winter tick loads led to very low birth rates in moose in the......

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FINALLY – TSS is in the game in NY

My great state of New York can be more than archaic when it comes to hunting regulations. The great citizens of NY have been calling for the shot size regulations to change for a couple years now. With modern shotshell manufacturers pumping out highly effective rounds using small shot sizes, hunters across the country have been experiencing higher success, In NY, we've been sitting on the sidelines waiting. In a press release today the DEC announced that we are no longer in the dark and that we can join the rest of our comrades in the TSS movement. I for......

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Stand up Against Prop A600

  A NYC assemblywoman just released a potentially harmful bill during regular sessions of the NY State Assembly. This bill would prohibit the state’s participation in artificial pheasant propagation activities. Rosenthal has a long history of attacking sportsman, and she isn’t going to give up anytime soon. Interestingly when you look at the legislation she’s been...

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