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Guided Adirondack Grouse Hunting



During your guided grouse and woodcock hunts in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, you will hunt some of the truly storied coverts of modern day grouse hunting. We offer hunts late October through February, for early season hunts our guides work exclusively for the Hungry Trout Resort, for which you can find a link below. You will be led by our head guide Matt Delorenzo, or any one of our other professional guides. We hunt primarily over the French Brittany, a dog perfectly suited for grouse hunting in New York and the cover that goes with it. You are likely to spend time with several other breeds depending on which guide you are paired with.

new york grouse hunting

All of our dogs are close working, an absolute prerequisite for guides at ADK Outdoors. Your hunt will be very visual, you will see everything unfold. There won’t be any searching for dogs using GPS devices. We hunt with our dogs and our eyes, not electronic devices. This makes for a much more memorable experience.

September 20th 2020 – February 28th 2021

The grouse season dates are set in stone each year. They haven’t changed in ages and it’s safe to assume that they won’t be changing anytime soon. With that said, it’s best to check back from time to time in order to make sure there have not been any adjustments.

Woodcock Season – October 1st 2020 – November 14th 2021

Woodcock season is subject to change as these birds are managed federally. Generally it seems like the dates stay the same but as always its safe to check. You can view and print a summary of the states hunting seasons here.

Booking your trip through ADK Outfitters with our hunting guides is simple. Call or email us anytime and we will get you set up. We have spent a lot of time hunting the coverts of the Adirondacks and will make sure you have all of the information you need. Curious about the lodging accomadtions? Want to know where to eat? Are you looking for other things to do while you are in town? We can set you up for your trip to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

To book a trip first look at the calendar located in the tabs to the left to see if the date you would like is available. From that point you can call or email us to set up your trip. From there you will purchase a gift certificate for your trip deposit and on the morning of your trip you will purchase another for the remaining balance. Nice and easy and everything electronic for your records. Please review the booking policies tab to the left before booking your trip.

Navigate to October or November and view the selected dates to see if they are available. Almost all days will be available because our guide service has a huge pool of guides at their disposal. Our guides are licensed and ensured and every guide is vetted by our staff to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Phone: (518) 946-2217
Address: 5239 Route 86, Wilmington NY 12997
Website: Hungry Trout

The Hungry Trout has been catering to bird hunters for 40 years. All rooms are non-smoking with private baths. The large front yard has seating and the entire property has magnificent views of the Ausable River and surrounding mountains.  It’s a great spot to relax, read your favorite novel and enjoy a cocktail while taking in the river breeze. Tell the hotel you are hunting with our guides and they will give you the preferred rates.


Phone: (518) 946-2217
Address: 5239 Route 86, Wilmington NY 12997
Website: Hungry Trout

On any given day of the week you can find every guide on the river or from the woods inside the Hungry Trout. A true sportsmanship restaurant with incredible Adirondack fare. No trip to the Adirondacks is complete without a trip to the Hungry Trout.


Phone: (518) 946-6111
Address: 5762 Route 86, Wilmington NY 12997
Website: ADK Pizza and Pasta

Don’t let the name fool you. Despite the name, Pizza and Pasta is surely much more than a pizza shop. Head Chef Alex is a real chef who’s menu features some great options, along with the obligatory pizza and pasta.

Combine your sea duck hunting trip on Lake Ontario with some of the best fishing in the lower 48. Sea duck season coincides with some of the best steelhead fishing you will ever experience. In addiction, there is fantastic fishing for walleyes and brown trout. Our guide team is the most experienced in the area. A fishing trip is a great way to spend some of your time in the area.


It was at the Lake Placid Olympic Center in 1980 that the US men’s hockey team toppled the Soviet Union on their way to winning the gold medal. This is where 16-year-old figure skater Sonja Henie won an Olympic gold medal in 1932 and charmed the world. Out front is the speed skating Oval, where in 1932 local Olympian Jack Shea and teammate Irving Jaffee each won two gold medals, Eric Heiden won five in 1980, and where you can skate all winter long.

The Olympic center hosts a variety of events and activities from the Harlem Globetrotters to US Women Hockey and a huge variety of other offerings.


In truth as bird hunters, we rarely get to see most wildlife because of the commotion that the dogs make. The Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington is host to a huge variety of local animals. All being rehabilitated and released into the will if possible. It’s a pretty cool place for a short visit.

  • New York State small game hunting license (purchase here) with HIP number and federal migratory bird stamp.
  • Shotgun of choice with a case – We prefer 20 gauge, but bring what you like the best.
  • Box of #6-7.5 non toxic shot. We shoot 6s and 7.5s for woodcock.
  • Clothing appropriate for cold weather. Hunter orange is a requirement.
  • Orange Hat.
  • Shooting glasses.
  • Gun oil.
  • Snacks if desired – no alcohol on hunting trips.
  • Brush pants.
  • Good pair of waterproof or resistant boots.
  • Small cooler to transport game.

Shooting Hours: one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.

Non-toxic Shot: Strongly encouraged.

Daily Limit: 4 grouse limit. New York Woodcock hunting has a 3 a day limit with 9 in possession.

License: You must purchase a hunting license. Visit the NY Hunting Licenses page for information on types of licenses available and where to purchase.

HIP Number: You must register with the Harvest Information Program (HIP) if you are hunting any migratory game bird, except crows. HIP registration is valid from July 1 – June 30 annually.

Duck Stamp: Not required but you may buy the federal “duck stamp” at most post offices, some sporting goods stores, call 1-800-382-5499, or visit It costs $25.00 plus shipping and handling for phone or internet orders. Monies are then designated to conserve wetlands. You must sign across the face of stamp in ink before hunting. You do not need to attach the stamp to your hunting license or back tag, but you must carry it when hunting.

Reporting: Cooperator Ruffed Grouse Hunting Log – this survey asks hunters to record their grouse hunting effort and the number of birds flushed. This allows the state to estimate flush rates (grouse flushed/hour) used to monitor changes in grouse populations.

The state is also requesting assistance from hunters in a study of ruffed grouse recruitment (the number of young produced per adult female). They are seeking rump, wing, and tail feathers from birds taken during the season in the hope that they can identify the age and sex composition of the harvest. Above all, information on recruitment is an important part of assessing the well-being of the grouse population.

Similarly as part of a multi-state effort to study West Nile Virus in grouse populations, they are requesting hunters to submit blood samples from harvested birds.

Consequently, to learn more about these efforts or to sign-up to receive materials for submitting feather and blood samples, please contact them via e-mail or call (518) 402-8929.

All trips must be paid in full before the trip occurs. Most clients pay electronically right before we depart. There are no exceptions to this. Trips will not depart without full pre-payment.

We have a (14) days cancellation policy for all of our trips. You must cancel within (14) days of your trip. Failure to do so will result in being charged the full amount of your trip. Hunting dates are limited and in very high demand. Our cancellation policy is strict and we do not make exceptions.


Notwithstanding the storied history of New York grouse and woodcock hunting in the Adirondacks, it is an area forgotten by grouse hunters. Much to the delight of local grouse hunters might I add. The Adirondacks altogether suffered heavily logged and deforested during the glory days of the grouse hunting revolution. As a result grouse hunting in the Adirondacks fell from the wayside regardless of the stories of finding 40 grouse in a single tree, the hunters have never returned.

Thanks to modern day logging and forestry management practices the grouse and woodcock hunting in the Adirondacks has seen a major resurgence.

To clarify, the landscape was stripped bare and as a result grew into beautiful second growth forest. In the long run as those forests mature they are harvested and sooner or later this creates prime second growth on a rotating basis.

Hunting logs in past years have shown flush counts that rival those of any premier well known grouse and woodcock hunting destination. To that point, in many cases our numbers exceed them. Our New York grouse and woodcock hunting team has had the opportunity to hunt grouse all over New York, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. They collectively have hunted Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Washington, Mexico and Quebec, yet they choose to live and hunt here. We take that as high accolades for our New York grouse hunting coverts here in the Adirondacks.

We have incredible flights of woodcock that come to the area in the fall and we have excellent recruitment of local birds.

In good years we can have premium New York woodcock hunting solely over our resident birds. Coupled with flight birds from Quebec in the middle of October, there’s a huge number of birds.

To see more information about the history of grouse and woodcock hunting in the Adirondacks, scroll to the bottom of the page.



At ADK Outdoors we make it our business to make our services and products worth your business. We accept credit cards, Apple Pay or checks in person. All payments are final and due before services are rendered.

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