Sloop Brewing CompanyJuice BombNortheastern IPA

BREWERY: Sloop Brewery Company
STYLE: Northeastern IPA
ABV: 6.50%

Notes From Website

Sloop Brewing Company Juice Bomb is our juicy, hazy, flagship IPA. The low bitterness and late hopping showcase the citrusy, juicy notes of American hops. A blast of tropical aroma is followed by a resiny and balanced flavor. Juice bomb features all the aspects and nuances of full hop flavor — not just bitterness.


I was lucky enough to be introduced to this beer at the Fly Fishing Show in Edison this year by fellow guide Matt Richardson who brought a six pack for the boys. It was instantly a hit, and one beer left us wanting more of it. It’s one of the few beers that have made me go out of my to get more. I go up and down on citrus beers and this one is citrus beer, that much is absolute. It pours really nice with the perfect amount of foam and lacing. Everyone had something different to say but I find the zesty grapefruit taste to be powerful right from the start and just like the fruit, it gets smoother with every gulp. I’m pretty sure its made with citrus pine

Just like any other beer you are supposed to drink this cold right out of the fridge, which i did at the show and the beer had a beautiful haze signature to every good northeastern IPA. I had one at the vise tonight room temp and I loved it, but I drank it from the can so I couldn’t tell if it kept its awesome haze at room temp.  Pretty sure this one is wrapped in a PS label to help you keep it fresh and frosty. I snatched this up from the North Pole General Store thanks to their fantastic beer selection and I wished that had grabbed more than one. Add this one to the list, you won’t regret it.



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