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Matthew DeLorenzo – ADK Outdoors

I pride myself on being a third generation fly fishing and hunting guide. My father has been a guide on the Niagara River for many years. He has been host to most major fishing publications and outdoor TV shows. I was lucky to be raised in that environment and to pursue my family dream of living through the outdoors. My focus is on turkey and deer hunting although for work I primarily guide upland hunting and fly fishing.

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  • Strong Customer service skills – I have been working in the retail sector of the outdoors industry for over 20 years and I am very comfortable selling any products
  • Trade Show Experience – In my current full time role, I have travelled to a huge number of trade shows where I have met with thousands of guests and helped facilitate every aspect of the show from organizing the contracts, to setting up and designing booths, to arranging travel.
  • Volume – I speak with thousands of guests each season both face to face, as well as through phone and email. I am comfortable selling products, explaining techniques or gear specs and usage. In addition, I am proficient when conversations become uncomfortable.


It’s been more than 30 years since the family set out to pursue their goal of providing through the outdoor lifestyle, a tradition that I am proud to carry on. My career began as a guide on my father’s fishing boats on the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. I spent my youth taking whatever jobs he would give me and soaked up every bit of information I could. I’ve always been a passionate student of the outdoors. I didn’t know then, but this upbringing was priming me for a future as a guide in the Adirondack Mountains and ambassador for a legendary brand.

I took my first job in the big world in the Mid Hudson region of New York with the Angler’s Den, formerly known as English Angling Trappings. Some of the fly fisherman reading this may recognize this business as one of the first mail order catalogs for fly tying materials, including rare and hard to find feathers and fur. I began guiding trips without my family for the first time here on legendary waters such as the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Delaware, Housatonic, Farmington, and Neversink. Here I was under the tutelage of Joe Zarecki and Robert Lewis who taught me to truly tie well and was responsible for my first Pro Staff assignment with Flymen Fishing Company, winner a multiple IGFA awards. I began molding myself as a guide under their wings and I will never be able to repay them for the time they spent with me.

From there I followed a girl to Lake Placid New York where I took a job with Jones Outfitters fishing the W.Branch of the Ausable. Jones Outfitters was just awarded with the “Orvis Dealer of the Year” award and I couldn’t have been happier. I knew once I settled here that my semi nomadic lifestyle had come to an end and I had found the one place where I wanted to plant my feet. It was here in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks that I started a family of my own. After a short stint in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army I took a job as a fly fishing hunting guide at the Hungry Trout which eventually led to much more.

My current position is the Operations Manager, fly fishing guide, and head hunting guide at the Hungry Trout Resort. I get to spend time with thousands of like minded sportsman every year and spend as much time in the woods or on the water as anyone in the industry. My goals and hopes are that I can be of great benefit to you and your company by spreading the message far and wide through media and face to face encounters with your target audience.

At ADK Outdoors we make it our business to make our services and products worth your business. We accept credit cards, Apple Pay or checks in person. All payments are final and due before services are rendered.

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