On November 20th 2019. The governor signed into law Senate Bill 6557 introduced by Senator Patrick Gallivan. Under the provisions outlined in the new law, poachers who continue to hunt, fish, or trap after having their license revoked or suspended will now face misdemeanor charges, as well as a $1,000 fine and/or a maximum of 90 days in prison. By amending New York’s environmental conservation law to levee stronger punishments for these individuals, the state plans to thwart potential wrongdoers from proceeding with this illegal activity, while also protecting the interests of New York’s fish, wildlife, and sporting community.

Im very happy that this law passed, I didn’t see it having a problem getting through as this is a law that makes it tougher on Hunters willing to break the law. This will benefit all of us once the word gets out by making the penalties a lot steeper for habitual law breakers.

Kudos to Senator Patrick Gallivan who has introduced the following legislation for sportsmen during his term. It’s important to note that he does this almost always with no sponsors. He doesn’t care what the other people in the Senate think about his values, he pushes on regardless.

Bill 6557 Relates to certain misdemeanors involving the revocation and suspension of hunting, trapping or fishing licenses

Bill S537 Relates to gun buyback programs

Bill S601 Establishes the venison donation tax credit

Bill S603 Relates to the recertification process for firearms

Bill S705 Exempts certain large capacity ammunition feeding devices from certain requirements of the penal law

Bill S714 Repeals section 37 of chapter 1 of the laws of 2013 relating to the definition of an assault weapon

Bill S715 Relates to large capacity ammunition feeding devices

Bill S831 Relates to providing a fishing license exemption for disabled persons that do not live in a group home

Bill S837 Authorizes the transfer of certain weapons from an estate to an immediate member of the decedent’s family

Bill S856 Relates to the filing of approved applications for licenses for the possession of firearms

Bill S862 Makes amendments to the Safe Act; repealer

Bill S3991 Provides for the issuance of free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to persons who are active or reserve members of the armed forces or the organized militia, and to certain veterans thereof

Bill S3993 Relates to extending the deadline for recertification of licenses to carry or possess a pistol or revolver

Bill S5273 Provides fishing and hunting tax credits for members of the United States armed forces in active service stationed within the state

Bill S5413 Authorizes the use of benthic barriers to control invasive aquatic plants around docks

Bill S5486 Relates to taking big and small game by crossbow in Wyoming county

Bill S1363 Eliminates the requirement that hunters wear back tags during hunting season in the state; repealer

Bill S538 Relates to crossbows; repealer

Here is a list of laws that he’s managed to pass, there are very few related to sportsman but he isn’t giving up, he still fights the good fight regardless of the lack of support from other members. He has passed quite a few bills into law successfully so he has a good track record, we just need to keep supporting him.

Bill S4924A Establishes a conservation easement agreement in the town of Eden, county of Erie

Bill S5188 Relates to retired members of the state police who have opted to make an application to obtain a license to carry or possess a firearm

Bill S235A Allows for rifle hunting in Wyoming county


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