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Western NY has a bird hunting history steeped in lore. I can remember when I was growing up there I would see pheasants occasionally running around in the city streets.  The large farming communities, orchards, and vineyards provided ample habitat for pheasants. Likewise, the southern portion of the zone contained and still does today, some amazing grouse habitat. hunting The western New York bird hunting community  has remained strong and ample opportunity still exists there…


The central part of the state is not frequently spoken of when someone thinks about New York bird hunting. Opportunties today are somewhat limited in the upland realm to pheasant preserves and a few release sites. There are a few notable WMA’s to hunt grouse as well. What come to mind when someone talks about hunting birds in central NY is ducks. Some of the states best duck hunting takes place in central NY…


The Catskills remain a favorite place for many people interested in New York bird hunting.  There are legendary areas that hunters have flocked to pursuing grouse and woodcock as well as pheasants. The pheasant like many other areas in the state is more and more often referred to as a bird of the past but preserves are plentiful and provide  fun days in the field with friends and dogs. However, the reasonable chance to harvest grouse is still a reality in the catskills. There are plentiful WMA’s and state land hunting opportunities…


During a trip to the Adirondacks you will undeniably be hunting some of the truly storied grouse covers known to grouse hunting history. People have been grouse hunting in the park long before the Adirondacks as we know them were settled. One of the earliest records of grouse hunting anywhere is the result of an expedition to find mineral deposits in the Adirondack Mountains. Notwithstanding the stories of finding 40 grouse in a single tree, it’s hard not to be excited about hunting one of the last wilderness areas in the state…

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