There’s some good news coming out of New York for hunters in the last week. This seems like it’s a rare occurrence these days but whenever it does happen it’s time to celebrate. I would not call either of these two bills monumental but a win is a win and everyone involved should be congratulated and applauded.

The first bill signed into law was Assembly Bill 8078. This bill permits 4-H certified shooting sports instructors to supervise and instruct persons under sixteen years of age at shooting ranges. It’s a big deal, this means we can start teaching people at a much younger age about firearm use and safety. Teach them to respect them as tools instead of fearing them as weapons. This bill was introduced by Assembly Member Carrie Woener, a member of the New York Legislative Sportsman Caucus.

The second bill passed into law was Assembly Bill 8666. This new law probably means a lot more to hunters in Tompkins County but a win for hunters anywhere in New York is a win for us all. This bill was introduced by Assembly Member Barbara Lifton, also a member of the New York Legislative Sportsman Caucus. In senate the bill was carried by Senator Pamela Helming, also a caucus member.

Organizations like this are so important to support. They get shit done behind people who are passionate about the same things as us. You can support them through direct donations, or something as simple as spreading the word about what they do and who they are. Check them out.

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