“The 3/4 mile range Garmin / Tri-Tronics Sport PRO is lightweight, easy to use, and loaded with features. Train up to three dogs with no-look, one handed operation. Select from 10 different stimulation levels on the transmitter with positive clicks between levels. Remotely control the built-in Bark Limiter to keep things quiet, or activate the Beacon Lights for extra visibility in low light situations. Plus, the transmitter floats!”  – Gun Dog Supply

My frustration with training collars is well documented. I have always felt like I have to own and run several different collars at once to get what I want. I like to carry the fewest extra things possible and I have been bouncing back and forth between collars for a long time. But I finally think I have found my everyday collar. My puppies wear their collars all day long. This way I have complete control of them all the time and can deliver whatever I need at a moments notice, its just good training practice. I want a high functioning setup that’s packed with features in a small package for everyday use. Mainly I want tone, vibrate, stimulation, lights and bark control in that order. In the past the dogs either didn’t have what I wanted around their neck or they had to wear two at times. With the introduction of the Garmin SPORT PRO that is no longer necessary, it has all of those features with a great range on top of it all.

“I have always felt like I have to own and run several different collars at once to get what I want”
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The Garmin SPORT PRO is part of the line of training collars from Garmin. What makes this collar so special, is that its an E-Collar that includes all of the major features of most collars, all in a small package at a very affordable price. You get full E-Collar functions in a tiny little floating package.

“Its an E-Collar that includes GPS tracking, and not the other way around.”

To be clear, with the Garmin SPORT PRO, you get an E-Collar that has stimulation with 10 levels of momentary and continuous. You get tone, you get vibrate, you get a running light, you get bark control, and you get true one handed operation. It all seems too good to be true.

The transmitter is compatible with SPORT PRO collars. These are also in use with the Garmin PRO 70 and Garmin PRO 550. Important to note that these collars are not compatible with the Garmin PRO 550 PLUS system. The collar is waterproof to 10 meters, has no external antenna, last for 60 hours, has a built in bark limiter, beacon lights, and all of this operates by remote control. The collars come with short and long probes to suit a variety of dogs. I use comfort adapters on my collars because the dogs wear them all day long. 

The collar is waterproof to 10 meters, has no external antenna, last for 60 hours, has a built in bark limiter, beacon lights, and all of this operates by remote control

All of these awesome collar function are controlled by the transmitter. The Garmin SPORT PRO transmitter is based on the very popular Tri-Tronics Sport Basic. Its designed around having one handed operation without the need to look at the collar. Intensity levels can be quickly adjusted using the dial and you can easily choose between momentary or continuous stimulation by using one of the two large buttons on the transmitter. To turn on and off the Bark Limiter functions you press and hold those same buttons, the top is on, the bottom is off. The transmitter has two additional buttons below those that list side by side and are smaller the than stimulation buttons. This prevents confusion when aren’t looking directly at the transmitter. The left button controls vibration and the right controls tone. Just like the two top buttons, these lower buttons serve dual purpose. You can turn on the beacon light by holding the left button and turn it off by pressing and holding the right side. 

The transmitter also has a popular toggle switch that allows to to choose between 1-3 dogs. I personally have two dogs so the up position which is conveniently colored black, is for my black dog. The lower position which is conveniently red, is for my other dog who wears red collars. The middle position is unused for me. The transmitter has an LED indicator, lasts for 60 hours, has a 3/4 mile range and has a Garmin spine mount to add different mounting accessories.

From a training perspective, I love this collar. It has everything I would ever need at home or in the field. From a  hunting perspective it does just fine as well, better than fine. The only scenario I can see someone being unhappy with this collar is for trial dogs who may need more range, or anyone who also wants tracking functions, which this does not have. It’s a truly impressive training/hunting tool that should be a part of everyone’s arsenal.


In conclusion, the Garmin SPORT PRO is by far the best system on the market for anyone looking for a training and hunting collar without tracking features. It retails for a measly $249 for a single dog system and additional collars are $149. Thats hardly going to break the bank and its going to give most dog owners more than they will ever need.

In my opinion, there isn’t anywhere to shop for these kinds of products other than Gun Dog Supply. Their customer service is second to none without questions. They will always take the time to help you and their shipping is quick. Check them out by clicking the logo below.

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