We are excited to be working with a great Vermont based reel company

We are excited to be working with a great Vermont based reel company, and I’m proud to say I have joined their team as an ambassador. I first met them through the fly shop a year ago and I was really impressed with what they had to bring to the table. I had the chance to test their reels out and to really put them through the ringer. These reels held up, plain and simple. It’s refreshing to see a durable product that looks good and does the job that it was intended for. They do all of that without breaking the bank. Expect to see more great things from them in the future.

A great reel should be built like a cabin in the mountains:  rugged, good looking, and strong.

It should also—like a remote northern river—hold the promise of exploration.  A reel that you would trust to bring anywhere.  That’s why Stone Fly Reels are machined from a solid block of aerospace grade aluminum and anodized to a rock-hard finish. That’s why stone reels are engineered for simplicity, strength and style. And that’s why they are proud to offer one of the best warranties in the business.

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RuggedGood LookingStrong

Our goal is to put world-class fly reels within everyone’s reach and to provide Stone owners with old-fashioned commitment in a digital age.

We love these reels and we hope you do, too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them even better. The current Stone Reel is going through some major changes and we expect to see a new model this year based on feedback from Stone owners and Ambassadors. As a Stone Owner, they hope to hear from you. Sure, they will take your praise, but they also want your unvarnished feedback. They hope to create a network of passionate Stone Owners who work together to help guide the evolution of their reels. So thanks for considering an upstart Vermont-based company founded by two very regular guys who, like you, just love to be on the water.


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