New York: Lead Ammunition Ban on Public Lands

Deborah Glick is at it again. If you don’t know who Deborah Glick is, she is an assemblywoman representing the 66th district, which is lower Manhattan. For those of you who don’t know where that is, that area represents Greenwich village, the East Village, the West Village, Tribeca and Battery Park City. No surprise there. More outdoor and sporting related bills from people who probably haven’t spent a whole lot of time outside the city. 

I am so sick of people from the city pushing out bills related to the outdoors, hunting, or fishing. They know so little about it. With that said, I am torn on this bill. I have no idea where I stand on it currently. I am all for a lead free hunting world, but I’m not all for the constant attacks on people who hunt and fish. All that being what is is, I have decided to oppose this bill based strictly on who it is targeting. Bill A00703 targets hunters specifically, not lead. If you don’t think that, here’s the title of the bill.

"An act to amend the environmental conservation law, in
relation to prohibiting the use of lead ammunition in the taking of
wildlife on state-owned land and land contributing surface water to the
New York city water supply"

Interestingly when you look at the legislation she’s been involved with, I can get behind a lot of it. She has had a great deal of things I can support regarding the environment, health care, schooling, taxes, etc. I believe you will find that she isn’t a bad person. I’ve looked through every piece of legislation she’s proposed and I have to say that I like her. The whole point of this, is we have to stop letting people who know nothing about us, dictate our way of life. I just want politicians from the city to be concerned about what’s going on in their city. There’s no hunting in her district. I hope that she continues to do good work, and also that she begins to see the importance of sportsman and our lifestyle and contributions. 

It’s important that we stand up to the constant attacks on our way of life. Unfortunately it seems like it always comes from the city, they don’t understand our culture or the lifestyles of those people who don’t wish to spend all of their time in the concrete jungle. It’s a classic slippery slope. 

Now more than ever is the time to make your voice heard. Write letters or emails to your local assembly representative, you can find your district according to the NY assembly district map below. Let them know you do not support A00703. I have been vocal about this on facebook and it’s receiving good feedback, let’s keep the ball rolling and stand up for what we believe. On March 3rd in session the bill was laid aside. 

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As mentioned before, this is so far from the first time they have attacked hunters and these attempts gain more steam each time. The anti-hunting lobby is in full attack mode. There are currently almost 250 bills sitting with the Environmental Conversation Committee in the 2019 sessions alone.

We must acknowledge that not all of those are negative, but many are. Some examples are Bill A00722 which would ban field trails and hunting contests. Bill A95 Which would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance. A286 which gives tax credits for adopting animals, The A527 Crossbow bill that’s getting a lot of hype, S447 related to cutting skidder trails, A3730 which is a huge one for those of us hunting with dogs, we can talk about that one later. The list goes on and on with bills you should oppose or support.

Write your letters now and make a difference. I have included an attachement link for a DRAFT LETTER which you are welcome to download, edit, and use for yourself. If you want to look up bills you can visit the following link.


Below is a list of legislation I have found linked to Glick. I only included bills that she proposed involving, guns, animals, pets, or hunting/fishing. I’ve tried to include them without bias as to whether I thought they were harmful or beneficial. She does have some bills out there that make a lot of sense, you may think that some of the bills below are among them or you may not. What this list does give you, is a clear picture of what her and those like her are about. They are spending a tremendous amount of time and resources on these topics. It’s important that if you agree with these policies, make your voice heard. If you disagree with these policies… MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

A09775 Makes contests, competitions, tournaments and derbys to take wildlife unlawful

A04517 Establishes a twelve percent surcharge on the sale of animals by pet dealers

A00883 Prohibiting the taking of non-native big game mammals in a fenced or other area from which there is no means for such mammal to escape

A00820 Requires forest management plans for certain lands and forbids clearcutting without, and increases the jurisdiction of the Adirondack park agency over clearcutting

A00722 Makes animal killing contests, competitions, tournaments and derbys unlawful



A00351 Amends the definitions of pet dealers; decreases the number of animals a person can distribute to fit under the exemption

A01111 Relates to prohibiting the sale, trade or bartering or possession with intent to sell, trade or barter of certain wild animals or wild animal products and to the penalties imposed therefor

A01413 Relates to prohibiting firearms as prizes in any game of chance

A06280 Relates to the biological control of Lyme disease vectors; authorizes the department of environmental conservation to suspend any existing authorization for the taking of foxes when the departments of health and environmental conservation certify that the health and welfare of the human population are in danger from Lyme disease in the area

A06298 Prohibits the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits by retail pet shops; authorizes collaboration with entities to provide space to showcase cats or dogs owned by certain entities for the purpose of adoption

A06661 Requires gunsmiths and firearms dealers to implement a plan for securing firearms, rifles and shotguns, including those transported in interstate commerce with the following minimum requirements for such security plan: display cases must be locked at all times; firearms, rifles and shotguns must be secured in a locked fireproof safe or vault in the licensed premises or in a similar secured and locked area; and ammunition must be stored and secured separately from the firearms, rifles and shotguns, and out of reach of the customers

A08123 Relates to preserving ecological integrity, wildlife and open space in the Adirondack park; strengthens land use and development provisions in the Adirondack park so as to curtail rural sprawl

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