I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about the greatest fishing spot I have ever had the pleasure to step into. Soak that statement in for a minute. It’s pretty bold to say something like that. I have had the pleasure to fish all over the country and several places around the world. It a pretty tough thing to quantify, “the best greatest fishing spot I have ever had the pleasure to step into.” Just last year I was in the bahamas landing a ten pound bonefish. Ive netted 20 pound browns, 40lb salmon, monster steelhead, the list goes on and on. But my thoughts always come back to one place when I try to think of the best of them all.

Working for the Hungry Trout has been one of the great highlights of my life. I have to give that shoutout because Im very grateful to them for that. It just so happens that the Hungry Trout has exclusive access to one of the greatest brook trout fisheries on the planet. The only place I am told can compare is northern Canada, which I have not had the pleasure to fish. Some of my co-workers have had the pleasure to fish in Labrador and indeed confirm that its the cats meow, but it has a limiting factor, it’s expensive. A trip the Hungry Trout can put you on one of the best fishing spots for brook trout for the same price as a nice weekend with your partner.


The Fish of your Life

I cannot begin to tell you how many of the people I am lucky enough to guide there catch the fish of their life. The pictures tell the story, and my sports have caught many many fish out there that I don’t have photos of because we took them on their cameras. This is a shameless plug for the fishing at this place with the Hungry Trout and their guides. Not to mention the techniques we have learned out there through the years that are absolutely applicable to any other stillwater situation you find yourselves in, we mastered these techniques as much as we are bale thanks to the guidance of several legends of the pond fishing world that we have used to host some of our clinics there, which you can attend. 

A Phone Call Away

Our brook trout trips or “Brook Trout Adventures” as we call them, BTA for short are at your fingertips. Just pick up the phone and call the Hungry Trout and you can experience this magical place just like I have been lucky enough to do through the eyes of people just like you. The Hungry Trout can be reached at 518-946-2217 or via email at

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